Could your business benefit
from a ZipBox website?

  • Optimised for mobile

    In 2015, searches conducted on mobile browsers exceeded those on a desktop. As a result, Google now ranks mobile optimised sites higher than non-optimised sites when a search is performed on a mobile.

    In a 2015 survey by NovaLoca, only 11% of Commercial Property sites were optimised for mobile viewing. ZipBox's responsive design works well on all devices, helping your website get ahead of the competition.

  • User friendly search

    A user friendly search is crucial in helping potential clients quickly and easily find a suitable property on your website. A good search experience will increase your enquiries. A poor search experience will lose you business.

    ZipBox's search is powered by the NovaLoca engine, giving your site's users the ability to quickly filter by property location, type and size.

  • We're website experts

    Most Commercial Property Professionals didn't go into the industry to spend time worrying about search engine optimisation, responsive web design and property feeds.

    ZipBox manages everything for you, taking the stress out of your website and leaving you to focus on what you do best.

  • Updating your site

    It can be expensive, time consuming and difficult to keep a website up to date. Fortunately, ZipBox makes it easy, with a simple Content Management System (CMS) that lets you add, delete and edit your content.

    With a direct link to NovaLoca's property feed, you only have to add new properties once, keeping your site fresh and saving you time.

How has ZipBox helped other
Commercial Property businesses?

I'm not a technology expert, so ZipBox lets me forget about it and focus my time on providing commercial property solutions!

Derek Reddin-Clancy
Reddin Clancy Consultant Chartered Surveyors

We never had time to update our old website. Now it looks fresh and modern.

Sales Negotiator
Commercial Property Agents

The link to NovaLoca works really well making it easy to keep our properties up to date with the bonus of additional advertising at the same time.

Fraser Sutherland
Property & Marketing Manager